Karate Training for Students

We are delighted to offer Karate do training for our students to enhance their skill and talents physically and mentally, which would ultimately improve their self-confidence and self esteem. Karate is an art of self defense and Karate as a means of improving and maintaining health has long existed. Training means training of body and spirit, and, above all, one should treat his opponent courteously and with the proper etiquette. It is not enough to fight with all one’s power. The real objective in karate- do is to do so for the sake of justice Our school has a Karate training hall with synthetic matting and around 200 students are practicing from deferent class in deferent time. Achievement:

Focusing to dominate the opponent :From our school one 7th STD Girl ANN SHANVIN (right) represented UAE in the World Budokan Karate Tournament at Mumbai 2008 and won the Silver medal in fighting competition (Kumite)

About the school Karate teacher: LEWIS TITO

25years experience in teaching, Participated in 10 open Karate national tournament, Former Indian Karate team Captain,7 times National champion,5th Degree Black Belt.



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