The Student’s Advisory and Welfare Committee of Al Ameer English School proudly started the “Brain Gym” for the betterment of students, every day after recess from 2nd September 2015 onwards.

Brain Gym is a simple series of exercise could help your brain function better, making you sharper, smarter, far more confident and able to coordinate body and mind, Brain Gym comprises muscular movements to stimulate the brain and some massages for pressure points and vital points, which have been designed to coax the two hemispheres of the brain to work in synchronization. Brain Gym can help everyone to get more out of their brains – and more out of life.

It improves:-

  •       Concentration and Focus
  •       Memory
  •       Academics: reading, writing, Math, Test taking
  •       Physical coordination
  •       Relationships
  •       Self-responsibility
  •       Organization skill
  •       Attitudes