Mathematics Department

The mathematics department of our school comprises of well qualified and enlightened teachers under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. LEKHA JAYAKUMAR. The department aims to develop teaching methods and styles, with all necessary rigor and flexibility, which enable us to achieve the aims. We want to present Mathematics in ways that make it accessible, useful, and stimulating and thought provoking. We aim to increase interest, confidence and competence at all levels. We help our students become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers and to prepare them for careers in exciting and rapidly expanding fields. Our young ambitious department has well developed learning activities to provide students with any additional support needed to succeed. We provide opportunities that encourage all students  to realize their full potential; provide a learning environment that is safe, positive, caring and respectful; cater for the differing learning styles and abilities of all students; encourage all students to become independent learners;  encourage critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning practices; Our department also stages a wide range of extracurricular seminars to encourage and stimulate students to expand and develop their mathematics skills and interests.