Special Arabic


  Central Board of Secondary Education Sets a special curriculum for 37 Special Languages including   Arabic. The curricula in Special Arabic for classes 8 to 10 focus on listening, speaking, reading   and writing skills and, hence, develop effective communicative proficiencies. Learners use language to   comprehend, acquire and communicate ideas in an effective manner.

 The Arabic curriculum of Al Ameer English school-Ajman, which being followed for classes 8   to 10 envisages individual learning propensity and seeks to explore the potential of students in   acquiring knowledge and linguistic skills. With greater orientation and research skills in core areas,   students would evolve as judicious young adults with a sense of real self-estimate having true   values   and principles. The Department of Special Arabic conducts different programmes including art integrated works for developing the artistic and linguistic skills of students. We develop a student community who is advanced in applying language skills in their daily life.