The Science Department comprises of highly qualified and experienced teachers with a high level of diligence, dedication and is aware of most modern developments in science. They are constantly updated with current innovations in the fields of research studies pertaining to the subject. The department is led by Mrs. Neena Dinesh. We aim to develop inborn talents in children and guide them in such a way that they can become a good citizen with overall development and to develop scientific interest in children so that they can think creatively and can acquire skills required for their progress. We provide opportunities for lab activities and activity oriented classes which give the students a way to apply the scientific concept in their daily life. We aim to develop scientific temper, values, humanism and spirit of inquiry in our children. We focus on the learning outcomes of different levels, secondary and senior secondary. We give due importance to create awareness about environment protection. Our children participate in Intra School and inter school competitions and science fairs and secured prices which enhance their interest in science.