The department comprises of 8 teachers who are highly qualified and competent to handle the subject. This department is headed by Mr. Rajan Samuel who is very much experienced in the field of education, supervision and administration. The team work together to fulfill the objectives and mission of the school. This department gives importance to the protection of environment, eco- system and participate students in all its activities. Team work, leadership qualities and discipline are part of the programme. Opportunities are provided for children to be creative and active. We give an opportunity for the students to express themselves in the learning situation. We instill in their minds a spirit of inquiry, love for each other, and respect others faith. They learn to correlate the subject with other disciplines. They are prepared to study the habits, cultures, tradition and beliefs and ethnicity of other nations and bring the globe closer to them. Today in the fast changing world, social science has got its own place in reforming and redefining democracy and constructively and to use the resources in the best possible way. Positive and creative thinking, and problem solving and critical analysis are other aspects we instill in their minds.