The Literary Club introduced by the School gives ample importance to the extra-curricular activities for nurturing the personality of the students.  The Literary Club is one of the many clubs initiated by the school functions to attain these objectives


  • To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students
  • To encourage the students’ skills for creative writing and expression
  • To introduce them to the literatures of various languages
  • To enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions

The members of this club shall be those who are interested or talented in speaking, reading and writing. The activities of this club would involve creation of written material in its various forms such as short stories, poetry, essays, articles, giving review of books that the students read, public speaking, conducting quiz etc. They shall invoke interest in literature among other students by holding competitions and by displaying work produced by the students.The members  shall devise ways and means by which the reading habit can be inculcated among the students.