Al Ameer English School Students welfare unit formed Swatantara Special Committee as per the guidelines issued by Consulate General of India, Dubai. The campaign named Swatantra is a joint venture of the Indian Consulate in Dubai and a group of Indian doctors working in the Emirate. Swatantra in Hindi refers to freedom, the organisers have aptly made it an acronym for Students Working against Tobacco, Alcohol, Narcotic and other Related Drugs.The idea is to enlighten the student community to prevent young students from entering the alluring world of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Students formed a group from different classes“. Then they will be able to talk to the students in their classes and organise various activities to spread awareness about the harmful effects of using tobacco, alcohol and drugs.Our Swatantara  conducted a n exhibition in the school students and parents.Everyday Swatantara members passing message against this three evils during assembly time.