Chairman Messages

A.K.Abdul Salam.

As an educator, to embark on a journey of success and to go on with it, one needs to have the tools of preparedness and strategy which lead to the path of growth and high quality education.

However, indebtedness to a system that is undergoing a sea change is the challenge that I have undertaken; to put it simple, to be part of the educational process of the contemporaneous era which is enlightening as well as challenging especially when one is bound to liven up the educational needs and aspirations of a highly inquisitive, technology savvy generation. But at the same time, it is stimulating for a vibrant educator like me to be aware that Education has shifted its paradigm from learning to acquisition as the concept of education has been replaced from ‘the mastering of sheer concepts’ to ‘constructing of knowledge’. Providing setting and infrastructure for the same seem to involve a lot of tedious efforts. But, with the Grace of the Almighty, I have accomplished to a satisfactory extent, in all the matters related to my involvement in the dissemination of effective and systematic imparting of education which is by all means futuristic, holistic, and excellent and has global relevance. It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege for me to assume the office of the Chairman in Al Ameer English School reckoning that my school has already established its own imprint in the educational fraternity of Indian Schools in UAE.

I am extremely glad to note the progress made by this institution over the years was tremendous and the increasing interest and support extended by the Admin and Academic Faculty Members to the initiatives and ventures of this institution is significant. But, I truly believe that I have many miles to go before I claim that my establishment has attained complete excellence as the task for quality is more than what it has been a decade ago. I understand that whatever I have achieved as an educationalist is the result of the sincere endeavours put in by Al Ameer family as a unit which is instrumental and committed in our way to the realization of our objectives and mottos which are set with a view to impart quality education at a comparatively low cost. It is highly gratifying for me to learn that I have been very well seconded by a team of faculties headed by a Principal, known for his expertise and strategies which, over the years has proved very successful especially when I consider the results of Board Examination in which 100% of our Grade X& XII students have come out in flying colours with many Distinctions and First Classes which in turn produced a lot of school toppers also. Our beloved parents are our strength and pillars in our journey forward, but for your support and encouragement, my vision to be an educationalist would have remained a un cherished dream. My heartfelt gratitude is extended to our valued parents and well wishers and I expect the same in the years to come also