Middle School

(Boys Section Supervisor)

Mrs. Sujatha Prakash
(Girls Section Supervisor)

Middle school is a transitional step for students between elementary and high school. The importance of a middle school education is enormous as it lays down the foundation for the student to go to high school and then to college. The middle school of Al Ameer is being governed under able guidance and supervision of Mrs. Riffat Tariq ( Boys Section Supervisor ) and Mrs. Sujatha Prakash ( Girls Section Supervisor ).

The team of teachers build ground for the personality of each individual student as well as being a base for his/her future aspirations. The highlights are: Exploratory curricular programmes, semester-long learning experiences in which learners can discover their talents, unique abilities and values, guidance and counselling by a team of teachers and counsellor collaboratively, promoting harmony and interpersonal relations among students and reflecting positive communication. The school has set clear expectations from students for academic achievement and appropriate behaviour. In order to achieve this, the supervisor monitors students’ progress, keep teachers trained and motivated, visits classrooms to evaluate teaching-learning practices, prepares reports on student attendance and performance. After all, the students at middle school cherish their schooling as one of their most memorable experiences