Vice Principal Messages

Education is the celebration of “Cerebrations”.

 One’s stint at an educational institution like Al Ameer will be rich with reminiscences that may have reflections throughout his life, as it is the best period a person can have in his transitory existence of this material space because this is just one luxury education can share with its aspirers and partners. A foray into the greenery of education always reminds us, ‘one should not merely be a detached observer but rather, it insists him to be one with it’, thus equipping his armoury with enough weapons which manipulate his decent existence in this worthy green field of life.

The thirst for the search for the ‘meaning’ of one’s representations in various walks of life is quenched when his creativity is imprinted in all that he places his consciousness upon. Al Ameer is very keen on creating a rendezvous for the talented and creative faculties to showcase their ’whimsical ‘and far-fetched world.  The lacunae that emerge between the whimsical and the actual is the creative space’ which celebrates ‘Celebrations’, the art of thinking.  But in a world with ‘ sick hurry and divided aims’ cerebrations find just a momentous stint where quality pulls back creativity- a prominent feature of the so-called ‘ digital-qualitative world’ of the present generation which gives birth to more technology savvies rather than creatively nourished psyches.  Therefore, it is challenging to liven up a spirit in the posterity to ensure that the need of the hour is not just to be a technologically creative person but to be the one who is willingly subjected to creative ‘Celebrations’.

 Sheer admittance to the fact that educational institutions are at par excellence to create a pathway to vomit out the pre-set pedagogy rather than exploring space beyond, alone does not inculcate celebrations, but channelization in the art of thinking,  setting creativity and exploration are primary mottos may provide multifaceted, extrapolative and creative celebrations.  Equipping the student community with the same involves a large number of challenges as education confines the actualization of a pre-set pedagogy for more parents than it is just a landing slot before it takes one to a higher realm of creative contributions.  It is high time one realized that education should be the actualization and celebration of real ‘Celebrations’.

Celebrate your Celebrations in Al Ameer!!!

 Wish You All the Very Best

 Nowshad Shamsudeen

 Vice Principal