English Department


The English department works in such a way that it is totally compatible with the vision and mission of the school and plays a major role for the academic success in our school. English Department in our school, led by Mrs. Ancy Dileep, is all set to ensure the highest standards of learning, achievement and development for all students. English Department comprises of a vibrant team of highly qualified, experienced and exuberant teachers who focus clearly on the wide range skill development of students. The team displays utmost sincerity to stimulate and encourage students to a high standard of interest and achievement by integrating the Arts in language learning. Department successfully coordinates a line of competitions every year for the students of classes 1 to 12 such as Read Aloud competition, Story Writing Competition, Article Writing Competition, Handwriting Competition etc. The team also arranges pupil participation in external events, promotes the use of the library to enhance reading habits, contributes to the programme of extra-curricular activities, co-ordinates and manages the facilities and resources in ICT, works with other departments to develop cross-curricular links, promotes students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within the subject area and in a nutshell, prepares the students for the next phase of life.