Kinder Garten Section


Under the leadership of Mrs. Shaher Banu The Kindergarten Head, Kindergarten Studentsare engaged in rich activity-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, exclusivelydesigned for the holistic development of a child. We help our little ones with easykindergarten activities, from fun Math activities to reading activities, science activities, artand craft, Physical development , creative activities and dramatization. The approach tolearning is thematic to foster the play-based learning. At Kindergarten, Reading ActivitiesAre Fun and easy, so as to help them build vocabularies and instill in them a sense ofgrammar and languageIn Kindergarten Arabic is introduced in KG 1 AND KG 2 . Childrenlisten to stories, rhymes, letter sounds and songs that are the basis of early Arabic. They alsolearn to write the lettersWe encourage• Stimulate thinking and learning through varied experience• Provide emotional stability for children to learn with confidence• Nurture children in traditional values.• Build a firm foundation upon which children achieve their potential• Encourage children to explore, experiment, express and be vibrant.• Develop enthusiasm for work.OUR FACILITIESBright welcoming classrooms with smart board and CCTV cameras in the play areas andactivity room access the preschoolers to expand their emotional, cognitive, physical andsocial skills.