1. Students must be present in the school campus before the commencement of the Assembly. Attendance at the Assembly is mandatory.

2. Students must bring the school diary daily.

3. Students should come to school in complete school uniform.

4. Students are expected to wear the ID cards everyday.

5. Prolonged absence on medical grounds should be supported by a Medical Certicate.

6. Prior sanction must be sought from the Principal / Vice-Principal through the leave application form available in the School Office in cases of absence exceeding three days.

7. Repeated or extended absence (of 15 days or more) or leave without prior permission shall be reported to the Ministry of Education for the necessary action.

8. Students suffering from contagious or infectious disease must refrain from attending the school until the completion of the quarantine period. They will not be permitted to attend school until they produce a Medical Certificate of clearance.

9. Students are not allowed to see their parents or guardians during the school hours.

10. Students who are detained in the same class for more than two years will be sent out of the school, as per the instructions of the MOE.

11.Students should take care of their belongings like books, writing material, tiffin boxes etc themselves.

12.Students are not advised to bring play materials, magazines, periodicals, CDs or USB, mobile phones, Camera, or any other electronic devices to the school. If found, strict action will be taken.

13. Students should keep the class rooms and the school premises neat and tidy and should use the dustbins to dispose off the waste materials.

14. The sole authority to admit or to dismiss any child and to revise the rules and regulations at any time, lies in the hands of the School Management.

15. Boys should come with their hair short and groomed properly. Fancy Haircut is strictly prohibited.

16. Girls should groom their hair neatly and plait into two and tie with white ribbons / bands. Hair coloring is not permitted.

17. Students are advised to pare their nails regularly and no nail polish should be applied.

18. No gold ornaments are permitted but small ear studs may be worn.



A Specific application form for withdrawal is available in the school office. Parents are advised to submit it at least one month’s prior notice to the school for a Transfer Certificate, failing which one month’s tuition fee shall be forfeited. TC shall be issued only after clearing all dues. Parents are advised to collect the Medical Record of their ward from the Medical Room with the Transfer / Leaving Certificate.

NOTE: The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student whose decorum or Academic performance is not satisfactory.


1. Students are required to maintain self discipline in the school campus.

2. All students are expected to be polite and courteous. They are expected to greet teachers, other members of the staff and all visitors with due respect.

3. Neat and tidy appearance at all times is a must. Boys are discouraged from sporting beard and side burns, and using hair gel.

4. Children should speak English in the school premises.

5. Disrespect, disobedience and misconduct may result in disciplinary action involving suspension or even dismissal.

6. Running, Playing or Shouting inside the classroom will not be allowed.

7. Chewing Bubble Gums is strictly prohibited inside the school campus & bus.

8. Student should treat school property with respect and handle them with care. Any damage incurred on them will have to be compensated for.


The school reserves the sole right to dismiss the student whose progress in studies is consistently unsatisfactory or whose conduct is tainting other students. Immorality, contempt of authority and vandalism also lead to immediate dismissal after the approval from the MOE.


1. Fee can be paid in cash or current dated cheques.

2. The school fee is to be paid strictly on or before the 5th of every month. Non-compliance of which will lead to actions at the discretion of the management.

3. Post dated cheques are not accepted.

4. Pupils shall not be allowed to write the examination, unless all fee dues are cleared up-to-date.


1. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school by working hand in hand, towards the growth and development of the child.

2. Encourage the habit of self-discipline, self work and self study. However, parental supervision with regard to academic improvement is a must. Ensure regular hours of study at home and help your ward develop proper study habits.

3. Kindly ensure that the School Diary is brought to school daily by your ward. You are requested to check and sign your ward’s School Diary for details regarding homeworks, assignments, and complaints/remarks and other communications by the teachers.

4. Promptly inform the School Office and the Class Teacher, whenever there is change of address, telephone no., passport no., visa no., emirates ID etc.

5. Attend the OPEN HOUSE and Parent Teachers Meeting and help the teachers help your ward.

6. Encourage your child to participate in all the activities of the school.

7. Do not send your children to the school if they are medically unfit.

8. Kindly pay special attention to the personal cleanliness of your ward. Ensure the child’s hair and nails are clean.

9. Encourage your child to learn ethical values like empathy, respect, truth, peace and caring for the planet.

10. Change in Pick-up or Drop-off points will be accepted only on prior written permission. You are requested to bring your ward to the Bus Pick-up point in time and to be present at the drop-off time to ensure your ward’s safety.

11. Parents of students using their own transport must make provisions to pick up and drop off their ward on time.

12.Any student who wishes to leave school early should submit a letter from the parent. An entry pass should be obtained from the office to be produced at the gate.

13. As per the directions issued by the Ministry of Education, Ajman Zone pertaining to your ward’s availing leave, you are requested to adhere to the following guidlines:-

            a) Your ward’s leave is to be reported to the respective class teachers one day before    or on the day if it is emergency before 8:00 am, as it is to be updated in the ministry website on a daily basis.

          b) If you wish to avail emergency or long leave for visiting home country, it should be approved by principal after receiving a written request from your side.

           c) Any unauthorized leave availed by your ward extending more than three days may lead to termination without any further notice as per the directions of Ministry of Education.